Who We Are

Our company philosophy is very simple—we strive towards creating the best custom pieces of jewelry. Our team of accomplished professional experts with years of experience in the jewelry industry and availability of 5000 jewelry products anytime. As a company, we have built a strong reputation for creating and manufacturing high-quality custom pieces of Gold and Silver Jewelry with Diamonds and Gemstones. At Mughal Camel, we all share a common passion to empower jewelers to provide the best quality jewelry possible at a competitive price range without compromising on quality and ensuring timely delivery. In order to accomplish this mammoth task, we have to focus on the process from where jewelry is made.

Mughal camel has excelled the world of fine jewelry, solitaire jewelry, silver artifact, tribal jewelry and much more heart melting jewelry at best prices. The mission of Mughal Camel is to acquaint the world with cultural pride of Jaipur by creating contemporary jewelry designs. Make online shopping of Jewelry a memorable experience with extraordinary service for extraordinary customers of Mughal Camel.

The end result: Customer Satisfaction.

Our team offers unlimited potential and can accomplish the most challenging designs. Along with this, we have certain key core values to make sure your custom design is successfully completed with a great degree of precision. Our core values are:


Quality is our priority. Our team maintains high standards when it comes to quality control. We go through numerous steps to safeguard these standards. First, we speak to each and every customer to understand their requirements. We then thoroughly analyze all our CAD designs to limit any errors. Once the CAD is approved, we ensure highly detailed wax models of your design to show your customers. At the final stage, we pay careful attention to complete and finish your piece, ensuring high-quality casting and setting. We comply with the highest quality standards leaving no room for error. In the end, you will have received the most perfect custom jewelry piece.


Our company aims to give the lowest prices in the industry. We have followed various measures to reduce the cost of production and in turn offer the best prices. We value our customers and want to pass any extra savings on to them. Just send us an estimate request and you’ll see your savings!


We promise timely delivery. Our turnaround time is very quick. We have more than 5000 ready product designs. And for customization of Designs, our average turnaround time for a CAD rendering is less than two days. On approval of the CAD, we move forward and finish your design to a complete piece before your deadline. We understand that any delays in our work can cause a delay for your customers. We want to prevent that at all costs and make sure our customer receives the job as soon as possible. This is what we pride ourselves on, a quick turnaround.


We realize the fact that in any industry, especially the jewelry industry, service, and communication are essential. Mughal Camel gives personalized attention to each and every customer and goes to great lengths to put a smile on its customers no matter what the cost. We welcome phone calls or WhatsApp communication and are always happy to hear from our customers as we believe in keeping long-term relationships.

Certified Work:

Certifications from eminent IGI, IDT and GIA laboratories, assure your diamond buying with us, is genuine. Mughal Camel wholly trusts on, selling the BIS hallmarked gold jewelry only.

Highly Convenient:

Highly convenient purchasing options available at Mughal Camel make you feel wow. Shop your desired jewelry effortlessly with our payment modes. We assure our customers about the confidentiality of their online transactions. You Post purchase services for customers is the icing on the cake. To ease your shopping, our support team is always available at your service.

Lifetime Bond:

A bond for a lifetime is built when you buy from us. We admire the worthiness of sharing and caring in relationships. Feel the warmth of hospitality for a lifetime by shopping your ornaments with Mughal Camel.


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